Our Manufacturing Facilities

At PotlatchDeltic we operate manufacturing facilities in four states with a geographic distribution that enables us to serve strategic U.S. markets.  Our executive offices are located in Spokane, Washington.


Sawmills (capacity/MMBF)  

 Ola, AR
 Waldo, AR
 Warren, AR    [210]       
 St. Maries, ID    [210]       
 Gwinn, MI    [185]      
 Bemidji, MN    [145]      





Plywood Mill (capacity/MMSF)*   

 St. Maries, ID              [160]         

* 3/8" basis   

Del-Tin MDF Plant (capacity/MMSF)*   

 El Dorado, AR              [150]         

* 3/4" basis   

Executive Offices

601 West 1st Ave, Suite 1600
Spokane, WA 99201


Southern Operational Headquarters

210 E Elm St
El Dorado, AR 71730