PotlatchDeltic Precision Coreā„¢ Plywood

What's the secret to our plywood's strength, integrity, and eye-pleasing appearance? The trees we use in our Precision Core panels, which produce a consistently tight-knot face and core veneers.

Our Precision Core panels are manufactured for a variety of industrial markets. We construct every layer of core with one-piece composed veneer, virtually eliminating core voids and gaps and removing the large open defects often hidden in the cores of other panels. Core composers, wood boat patchers, automatic layup lines, and six-head sanders give us the flexibility to produce panels that meet the exact specifications for such end uses as:

  • Material handling
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Laminating
  • Agriculture bins
  • Truck bodies
  • Marine industry
  • Concrete forming
  • Furniture framing

For residential and commercial construction, all PotlatchDeltic AC, BC, and CCPTS grade panels meet or exceed underlayment requirements, and are edge stamped with that grade.  Edge stamping prevents potential "bleeding" of the back stamp into the face of the adjacent panel in a unit.  Also available are JAS certified and CSA certfied sheathing panels.


A Faced products
AB Marine AB Marine
B Faced products
B-Select B-Select
C Faced products
T & G Underlayments T & G Underlayments

We supply top-quality western fir panels in a variety of proprietary and APA grades. For sales and other information about PotlatchDeltic Precision Core Plywood, please call 509.328.0930 or e-mail [email protected].