True to Our Roots

As the steward of nearly 2.0 million acres of forestland, we have the responsibility to meet the needs of today's consumers in a way that ensures that subsequent generations can also meet theirs. Our mission is to realize the maximum value of every acre of land we own, and to do so within the parameters of forestry practices that ensure long-term sustainability.

Third-party certification of our forestlands is the most obvious example of our commitment to well-managed forests. Our day-to-day practices and policies demonstrate that commitment as well.

For example, every acre that we harvest is reforested, either through our own replanting or through natural regeneration.

We use the best available technology to help us manage our forests, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to track data on soils, wildlife, terrain, waterways, and more. We give the data full consideration when planning harvests and other aspects of forest management.

We also provide continuing education to professional loggers to ensure that harvest practices are consistent with the long-term health of our forests. And we conduct silviculture research aimed at producing healthier forests.

Thanks to these and many other practices, "sustainability" isn't something we just pay lip service to. It is integrated in the way we do business every day, and has been for over a century.