PotlatchDeltic is a top 10 lumber producer in the United States, largely utilizing timber sourced from our sustainably managed forests. For builders and distributors alike, we produce a wide array of lumber products at our mills in Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota and Michigan with a focus on product reliability and a dedication to customer service. In Arkansas we make lumber from Southern yellow pine. Our Idaho mill produces lumber from several species. In the Great Lakes region, our Minnesota and Michigan mills produce precision-cut studs in spruce, pine and fir (SPF).

Southern Lumber Brochure (PDF)

We produce MSR or machine-stress-rated lumber

PotlatchDeltic operates three Southern yellow pine mills in Arkansas located in Ola, Waldo and Warren which produce 560 MMBF in dimension lumber, machine-stress-rated (“MSR”) lumber and small timbers. Continuous capital programs have kept the mills updated and efficient.

The Ola sawmill has 150 MMBF capacity producing 4x4 and 4x6 timbers and 2x4 through 2x10 dimension lumber. The Waldo sawmill has 190 MMBF capacity and produces 2x4 through 2x12 dimension and MSR lumber. The Warren sawmill has 220 MMBF capacity and produces 2x4 through 2x12 dimension lumber.

Mills are principally sourced from PotlatchDeltic timberlands and are strategically located with dependable rail and favorable trucking routes.

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Western Lumber Brochure (PDF)

Lumber is manually separated before being automatically graded.

The St. Maries, Idaho sawmill was built in 1975 and shares a site with our industrial plywood mill. In Idaho, we use a wide range of highly desirable species from our timberlands to produce a variety of lumber products. Our primary species include Douglas fir / Larch and Hem-fir (Hemlock and White Fir). The sawmill has 185 MMBF capacity and manufactures a range of products that include framing lumber and some boards. All of our products are grade stamped using Western Wood Products Association grading rules.

Services include delivered pricing and export packaging. Shipping is via Union Pacific and Burlington Northern railroads and favorable trucking routes.

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Great Lakes Studs Brochure (PDF)

Stud Sales Distribution Map (PDF)

We offer precision-cut studs at our mills in Bemidji, Minnesota and Gwinn, Michigan with 325 MMBF combined capacity. All of our studs are kiln-dried to a moisture content of 19% or less. Bearing the spruce, pine, fir (SPF-S) grade stamp, our precision-cut studs are available for mixed shipments in a variety of lengths, ranging from 7 to 9 feet. These products can be shipped by truck or rail originating on the Burlington Northern and CN railroads to major Midwest, Eastern and Southern U.S. markets.

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Safety is the first priority every day at PotlatchDeltic and all injuries are preventable. We have a strong commitment to safety as a shared responsibility. Continuous improvement is a core principle of our safety, including education and training, identifying and eliminating workplace hazards and reinforcing safe work habits for our employees and contractors.

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