Northern timberlands consist of approximately 627,000 acres in northern Idaho and 16,000 acres in Minnesota. Our Idaho timberlands are the most productive Pacific Northwest timberlands east of the Cascades. A significant portion of our Minnesota timberlands offer higher and better uses than timberland.

Map of our Idaho timberlands (PDF)

Idaho Timberlands Productivity (PDF)

PotlatchDeltic is the largest private landowner in Idaho and has over 100 years of operating experience in the region. Our Idaho timberlands are unique with much higher values than other timberlands in the Inland West due to favorable productivity, our species mix and unique market dynamics.

We own approximately 627,000 acres of timberlands in northern Idaho. Species we grow include Douglas Fir, Western Larch, Western Red Cedar, Grand Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Engelmann Spruce, and Western White Pine.

Approximately one-third of timber harvested from our Idaho lands is sold to PotlatchDeltic lumber and plywood mills in St. Maries, Idaho. The remainder is sold to other area wood products and paper manufacturers.

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Map of our Minnesota timberlands (PDF)

Our Minnesota timberlands are located near key recreation areas

Set amidst Minnesota's beautiful and popular lake country, our timberlands also offer abundant recreational value.

The primary species we grow in the state are aspen and red pine. Logs and fiber from PotlatchDeltic lands are used in our state-of-the-art Bemidji lumber mill and are also sold to many other wood products and paper manufacturers in the region.

A significant portion of the lands we own in Minnesota have been identified as having a higher and better use than timberland, or as rural recreational or non-strategic. Periodically, our rural real estate business selects some of these tracts for sale. On November 19th 2020, PotlatchDeltic completed a sale of 72,440 acres of timberland in northern and central Minnesota to The Conservation Fund.

PotlatchDeltic is committed to sustainable forest management. For us that means we want to make sure that people enjoy the many benefits of healthy, managed forests both today and in the future. In Idaho, all of our timberlands are third-party certified annually under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI ®) standards. SFI promotes sustainable forestry practices through a set of standards that seek to promote healthy productive forests through protecting factors such as water quality, biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

Our northern timberlands offer a wide range of recreation opportunities. Recreational permits can be purchased for use across most of our Idaho lands. In addition, exclusive campsite leases are available in select areas of North Idaho. In Minnesota, properties are available through an online licensing program that grants rights for hunting and other outdoor recreational activities.