We deliver a range of sustainable economic, social, and environmental values for our stakeholders and strive to do our part to help the planet for future generations. We are proud of the resources that we produce, the values we exemplify, and the contributions that our team members make every day.

Our timberland management promotes clean air and high water and soil quality, while providing biodiversity and wildlife habitat. Our timberlands also provide abundant recreational opportunities for our communities. Keeping forests healthy includes thinning southern timberlands as they grow and harvesting trees at optimal ages. Contractors in our timberland supply chain include harvesting operators and log haulers as well as contractors who provide H-2B temporary labor to plant seedlings that enable us to manage our forests on a sustainable basis.

The fiber from these harvests flow both to our wood products facilities and to other wood products and pulp, paper, and packaging producers. Our efficient wood products facilities manufacture lumber and plywood which is used in residential construction and industrial plywood applications. Through this process we support our employees with competitive benefits and wages and provide opportunities for training and development. Our wood products supply chain includes purchased goods, the use of contractors for maintenance and other electrical or general work, and the purchase of utilities including water, electricity, and natural gas. Our downstream supply chain includes distribution to wholesalers, distributors and ultimately to consumers for their use. Our products are graded to meet performance standards and building code requirements. The taxes, wages, and fees we pay strengthen the economic growth of our local communities, further aided by our charitable giving and initiatives.

Our forests and wood products are a natural climate solution, removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in lumber and plywood. Responsible forest management enables construction using wood, which acts as a carbon vault and can substitute for materials that are more emission intensive. Most importantly, the homes built with our lumber provide much more than just shelter – they are the foundation for peoples’ lives.