PotlatchDeltic recognizes that employing a highly skilled and diverse workforce is a competitive advantage, and we are committed to advancing, supporting, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion where every employee feels like their ideas and unique perspectives are heard and valued.

Diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of our values and are actively incorporated daily into our culture across our businesses. PotlatchDeltic’s diversity philosophy applies to our practices and policies governing recruitment, promotion, and selection, as well as to decisions on compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs, return from layoff, company-sponsored training, continuing education, tuition assistance, and social and recreation programs. The principles underlying our commitment to diversity and inclusion are also reflected through our policies, including our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy, Corporate Conduct and Ethics Code, Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, and Americans with Disabilities Act Policy.

The Human Resources department tracks and monitors diversity metrics to measure the Company’s progress, reviews the data annually, and provides information and guidance to management and employees on diversity and inclusion issues. The CEO and the Board of Directors establish annual company diversity goals, for which senior leaders are responsible. Diversity and inclusion metrics are part of our annual performance planning process. We also maintain a robust reporting process that includes an ethics hotline, which provides an anonymous means by which employees can express their concerns regarding a variety of workplace issues.

We are amid a generational shift in our operations and are focused on transferring years of knowledge to the next generation of workers. This generational shift has created new opportunities for training and career advancement and sustains the economic benefits both the Company and our employees contribute to the communities where we operate.

Women make up approximately 50% of the populations in which we operate, and we continue to explore how we might more effectively attract women to our industry and retain them to build a pipeline of talent from which to promote for future leadership roles.

We evaluate gender pay equity on an on-going basis and adjust salaries as appropriate. Our diversity strategies and statistics are discussed with our Board of Directors at least annually. Many of our operations are in rural communities where the economy is driven by the timber industry and our workforce demographics reflect the uniqueness of those local cultures. Our employees work and live close to our operations, providing an economic benefit to the local area. We continue to place an emphasis on sourcing talent from these local communities so that our workplace demographics can represent the communities in which we operate.

The inaugural Women’s Forest Congress was held in October of 2022 with nearly 500 participants. The focus of the Women’s Forest Congress was to develop strategies, solutions, and resolutions to address the most pressing challenges for forests and women.

The topics addressed included: 1) Leadership for Equity and Inclusion; 2) Workforce Opportunities for Increasing Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement; 3) Women as Catalysts for Change; 4) Addressing Today’s Greatest Forest Challenges; and 5) Supporting Each Other.

PotlatchDeltic was proud to be a sponsor of the event and our CEO invited 15 women from across our businesses to represent the Company. Two of our participants were delegates who were responsible for leading and synthesizing discussions and making formal recommendations.