PotlatchDeltic’s pursuit of excellence governs the way we act everyday, shaped by our core values and culture. Integrity and sustainability are at the heart of how we do business.

Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)

Hotlines (PDF)

PotlatchDeltic maintains high standards of integrity and ethics and requires compliance with legal requirements and our corporate conduct and ethics code. Our corporate governance policies and procedures, combined with our culture, guide us to an approach of ethical management that respects the community, a commitment to corporate responsibility and excellence in financial management.

Doing the right thing for employees, shareholders, communities and other stakeholders has helped us earn trust and build relationships.

Employees must understand and comply with company policies and applicable laws and adhere to our Conduct and Ethics Code. We also expect our business units’ suppliers, vendors, contractors, and subcontractors to share our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable forest management, corporate social responsibility, and responsible corporate governance through compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct. If you feel standards have not been met, view our hotline information.

VIDEO: Supplier Code of Conduct

Summary of PotlatchDeltic PAC Federal Contributions (PDF)

The ongoing dispute between the US and Canadian lumber industry requires coordinated efforts by our industry which we engage in through the US Lumber Coalition

PotlatchDeltic engages in the political process in issues that have the potential to impact us. Our involvement can range from coalitions and national or state industry associations to direct lobbying and political contributions. The topics we have been engaged in vary from state issues related to taxation to broader national matters such as the use of mass timber or the Canada/US softwood lumber dispute. Some issues are resolved in a short timeframe while others can evolve over many years.

Political contributions are one of the important ways we engage in the political process. We report our contributions annually and follow all laws and regulations regarding contributions.