We strive to respect and promote human rights in our relationships with our employees, suppliers, the communities where we operate, and other stakeholders.

Respect for human rights is a fundamental value of PotlatchDeltic. We recognize that we have an important role in fostering human rights. We comply with applicable domestic human rights laws, and we are committed to respect and support internationally recognized human rights including those recognized in the U.N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our commitment to human rights is embodied in our Human Rights Policy and supported by our Corporate Conduct and Ethics Code, Supplier Code of Conduct, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy, Forest Stewardship Policy, Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy, and our other policies, standards, and practices. We respect Indigenous peoples and traditional livelihoods and value stakeholder engagement on these issues. We recognize the fundamental importance of water and respect the right to water including quality, sufficiency, and accessibility.

Our operations are entirely in the United States and do not include stakeholder resettlement, although we support the principle to seek free, prior, and informed consent, offer compensation, and avoid forced evictions of stakeholders. Similarly, our operations are not in conflict zones, but we support the principle that private security forces respect international human rights and the requirement to avoid complicity in public security force human rights violations.

We require that our suppliers and contractors observe all of the same elements of respect for human rights in their actions and relationships with PotlatchDeltic. We have outlined these requirements in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

All salaried employees receive training on selected components of the Human Rights Policy. We provide training to contractors and suppliers about our Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes our Human Rights Policy. Human rights are integrated into our enterprise risk management process. Regular internal and/or external audits monitor our procedures and activities. We provide an ethics hotline as an avenue for employees and external stakeholders to raise concerns regarding human rights and other issues. Reports may be made anonymously, and are made to an independent third party, which then notifies the Law Department.